Internet Content Filtering

4 Reasons your Business Needs Content Filtering

Research shows that 30–40% of Internet usage in the workplace is not related to business at all. Content filtering can prevent access to certain web content from your network to ensure that employees are staying on task, rather than browsing the Internet. Increasing productivity is not the only reason your company needs content blocking, even though it certainly is one of the biggest reasons.

Bandwidth: Restored
If employees are browsing content which requires large amounts of bandwidth, such as HD videos, your bandwidth suffers and the network access degrades for more productive employees. Implementing appropriate content filtering policies on your business’ network results in a higher percentage of available bandwidth, ensuring higher productivity from users wasting time and increasing productivity for those using the network appropriately.


Stop threats before they enter the network, and stop existing threats from contacting malicious C&C (Command and Control) servers.
With DNS-based content filtering, you prevent malicious domains and resources from ever being accessed, and prevent existing threats on the network from becoming active or spreading by communicating with their destination servers.

Liability issues
A staggering 70% of all pornographic internet traffic occurs during business hours, according to research from SexTracker. It is ultimately an employer’s responsibility to ensure proper use of the network and prevent employees from violating HR policies. Content filtering can prevent this type of content from ever entering your business network.

Cost savings
Investing in content filtering saves your business money in the long run. Implementing preventative measures to ensure large financial sums on IT specialists to repair damage done by malware, legal bills from lawsuits, and disciplinary action for employees, who would rather browse the web than concentrate on their duties, are not needed.

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